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Battle Frontier: The Adventures of Arthur for iPhone/iPad

Battle Frontier

"Battle Frontier: The Adventures of Arthur" is a unique SLG + RPG game, You can fight with various tactics using different mercenaries and formations.

With the INSTANCE BATTLE sysytem, you can easily command 20 mercenaries at the same time. An appropriate tactics and mercenaries team is important which helping you defeat legendary monsters.

The story:

This is a story about Arthur, the greatest king, and his journey of Holy Grail. Arthur walks all over all the fantastic realms to find the Holy Grail. He goes across great plains and deserts, he explores ruins and temples of ancient civilization, he goes far into the northernmost ice world and the harshest searing gorge, he even gets to the mysterious east world. He defeats numberless monsters —— Slime, goblin, troll, giant, werewolf, devil... even dragons! The journey is still going on....

Now, it's your time to begin the adventures with Arthur!

There are knight, Paladin, assassin, priestess, goblin, skeleton, devil, werewolf, giant etc, more than 100 characters in the game.

Almost all kinds of monster have unique skills, e.g. [Full Moon] of werewolf, [Curse] of mummy, [Regenerate] of troll, [Fire ball] of fire wizard ... and so on.

Every monster can be hired as your mercenary, so you can organize and train your own adventure team.

There are kinds of achievements and a leaderboard in the game, and more achievements are coming in the future updates.

--------------------UPDATE PLANS------------------

☆ V1.2 The Call of Dragons

-Fiery Valley
Arthur finally came to the Fiery Valley, the world of fire and melts, and, the ancient fire dragon.

-Fort of Chaos
Fort of Chaos, the world of darkness, lives the lord of death.

-More heroes
Merlin is coming, the legendary wizard.

-More achievements
You need complete achievements to unlock new heroes.

-V1.2 is under test, coming soon!

--------------------UPDATE PLANS------------------

☆ V1.3 the Shadow of East

Battle Frontier
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